District 5
Ann McGilvrey Award Winners


Ann McGilvrey Award

This award honors a District 5 player, or in some cases a pair, who epitomize(s)
ethical behavior and good sportsmanship at the bridge table. On December 8, 1973 the
District V bridge community suffered the loss of Ann Lytle McGilvrey, Ralph Vichill
and Lee Caito in a tragic boating accident. In honor of Ann's memory, and her
reputation as one who exemplified the highest standards of sportsmanship and
ethical behavior at the bridge table, the Board of Directors of District V instituted the
Ann McGilvrey Award. It is presented at the May Regional each year to a player or
partnership who reflects those same positive qualities. These recipients are not
chosen on the basis of service or bridge ability. Only past winners are invited to
participate in the selection process. Typically the selection committee will look for
someone who has established a district-wide reputation for active ethics and good

Email submissions are preferred
Submit nominations to 18Roni@d5bridge.com
2017 Cathy Marstellar
2016 Barbara Bergman
2015 Gladys Martin
2014 Sharon Robertson
2013 Barb Grzegorzewski
2012 Ron Franck
2011 Lynn Rafferty
2010 Pat Smith
2009 Susan Stark
2008 Bernie Fudor
2007 Peter Grover
2006 Ernie Retetagos
2005 Jim Reeve
2004 Pat Rasmus
2003 Sandra Fleischman
2002 Alice Williams
2001 Jim Zimmerman
2000 Mary Paulone Carns & Howard Lebow
1999 Roni Gitchel & Tom Wolstoncroft
1998 Alice Lind
1997 Jan Assini & Nomi Connell
1996 Sharon Fairchild
1995 Dick Early
1994 Joe Dragoun
1993 Marvin Melamed
1992 Judi Sonon
1991 Arthur Goldsmith
1990 John Toy
1988 Richard Fleischman
1986 Elmer Schwartz
1983 Gail Carns
1975 Grace Moore
1974 William Babb
Year Uncertain Kay & Richard Barbaris
Year Uncertain Irene & Jeff Darrow
Year Uncertain Robert Freedman & Jim Mathis
Year Uncertain Harry Ganelin
Year Uncertain Julia Halloran
Year Uncertain Keyla Lawton
Year Uncertain Fred Sorensen
Year Uncertain Woody Van Court
Year Uncertain Joyce Wade
Year Uncertain Yik Young