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Top 100 District 5 Career MPs as of May 2017


New!  Sharon Fairchild has been collecting the stories of our advancing players.  Check it out!


Rank Changes for June 2017:


Unit  Player Home  New Rank
107 Karen Johnson Hinckley, OH Junior Master
116 Mike Brown Buffalo, NY Junior Master
116 Rita Haley Lockport, NY Junior Master
125 Deborah Nash Cleveland Hgts, OH Junior Master
142 Denise Dufour Edgeworth, PA Junior Master
142 Candace Gottschall Allison Park, PA Junior Master
142 Dennis Kriek Glenshaw, PA Junior Master
142 Karen Smith Sewickley, PA Junior Master
148 Shirley Leonhardt Fairview, WV Junior Master
148 Lawrence Roth Martins Ferry, OH Junior Master
107 Bob Egdell Kent, OH Club Master
111 Russell Taub Homeworth, OH Club Master
116 Mohan Prabhu Lockport, NY Club Master
116 Carole Sedita Buffalo, NY Club Master
125 Charlotte Guggenheim Beachwood, OH Club Master
125 Elizabeth McFadden Shaker Heights, OH Club Master
125 Cathy Pearlman Pepper Pike, OH Club Master
127 Amy Lund Fairview, PA Club Master
142 Tyler Geer Pittsburgh, PA Club Master
142 Leslie Swensen Pittsburgh, PA Club Master
142 Richard Wagner Pittsburgh, PA Club Master
148 Mary Mauck Wheeling, WV Club Master
116 Edward Morgan Williamsville, NY Sectional Master
116 Marge Plumb Snyder, NY Sectional Master
116 Pamela Righter Buffalo, NY Sectional Master
125 Tamera Norris Cleveland, OH Sectional Master
125 Warren Norris Cleveland, OH Sectional Master
129 Carleton Goodrich Roulette, PA Sectional Master
142 Alan Bress Pittsburgh, PA Sectional Master
142 Robert Ferguson Sewickley, PA Sectional Master
185 Larry Gourley Everett, PA Sectional Master
107 Bruce Cahoon Akron, OH Regional Master
111 Inez Heal Girard, OH Regional Master
116 Laurie Foster Williamsville, NY Regional Master
129 Bonnie Smith Bradford, PA Regional Master
226 Marian Smith Sharon, PA Regional Master
116 Amita Arora Williamsville, NY NABC Master
125 J Hunter Gates Mills, OH NABC Master
125 James Kenney Middleburg Hts, OH NABC Master
226 Sandi Bross Sharpsville, PA NABC Master
107 Linda Carter Fairlawn, OH Life Master
116 Edward Harman Lockport, NY Bronze Life Master
116 Ronald Henrikson Buffalo, NY Bronze Life Master
116 Ted Kahn Amherst, NY Bronze Life Master
142 Arlene Cullen Pittsburgh, PA Bronze Life Master
107 Helen Brock Cuyahoga Falls, OH Silver Life Master
107 Betty Miller Akron, OH Silver Life Master
142 Joane D'Antonio Sewickley, PA Ruby Life Master
127 Allen Selling Erie, PA Gold Life Master
142 Ronald Sain Indiana, PA Gold Life Master
125 Virginia Young Hudson, OH Sapphire Life Master
125 Donald Rop Chagrin Falls, OH Diamond Life Master


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