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Top Masterpoint Winners for 2013

Top 200 District 5 Career MPs as of January 2015


Rank Changes for April 2014:


Unit Player Home New Rank
107 William Polley Akron, OH Junior Master
107 David Thomas Medina, OH Junior Master
116 David Hall East Amherst, NY Junior Master
125 Gary Cole Norwalk, OH Junior Master
127 Gregory Wolf Erie, PA Junior Master
129 Lois Reid Chautauqua, NY Junior Master
142 Tom Brown Allison Park, PA Junior Master
142 Robert Flynn Mc Donald, PA Junior Master
142 Ann Newlin Sewickley, PA Junior Master
142 Judith Pierce Indiana, PA Junior Master
142 Diana Smail Brookville, PA Junior Master
148 Marlene Frich Morgantown, WV Junior Master
148 Kathy Paulus Wheeling, WV Junior Master
148 Jennifer Taylor Morgantown, WV Junior Master
177 Maria Toner Lavale, MD Junior Master
229 Frank Monikowski Freedom, PA Junior Master
229 Rhonda Monikowski Freedom, PA Junior Master
111 Janet Tentinger Youngstown, OH Club Master
116 Sol Messinger Buffalo, NY Club Master
129 Carleton Goodrich Roulette, PA Club Master
142 Mary Kirsch Sewickley, PA Club Master
185 Cheryl Wherry Altoona, PA Club Master
142 Stephen Eisner Pittsburgh, PA Sectional Master
226 Terry Purvis-Smith Titusville, PA Sectional Master
142 Linda Fried Pittsburgh, PA Regional Master
142 Donna Trust Pittsburgh, PA Regional Master
148 William Johnson Morgantown, WV Regional Master
229 Larry Puntureri New Castle, PA Regional Master
107 Patti Pinkerton Aurora, OH NABC Master
142 Rosanne Patterson Pittsburgh, PA NABC Master
142 June Threlkeld Bridgeville, PA Adv NABC Master
111 Robert Kramer Poland, OH Life Master
125 Daniel Solow Cleveland, OH Life Master
226 Scott Baldwin Meadville, PA Life Master
226 Wayne Wagamon Linesville, PA Life Master
116 Robert Kaprove Williamsville, NY Bronze Life Master
116 Peter Shui Clarence, NY Bronze Life Master
142 Susan Portnoy Pittsburgh, PA Bronze Life Master
226 Scott Baldwin Meadville, PA Bronze Life Master
127 Richard Barton Fairview, PA Silver Life Master
116 Robert Olin Tonawanda, NY Gold Life Master
125 Stan Dub Shaker Heights, OH Diamond Life Master
142 Warren Oberfield Pittsburgh, PA Emerald Life Master



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