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Top 100 District 5 Career MPs as of May 2018


New!  Sharon Fairchild has been collecting the stories of our advancing players.  Check it out!


Rank Changes for June 2018:


Unit Number First Name Initial Last Name City State/Province New Rank
116 Maria
Amlani Lockport NY Junior Master
177 Beverly T Bonarigo Cumberland MD Junior Master
142 Mary Anne
Fenstemaker Monroeville PA Junior Master
125 Gene T Henderson Elyria OH Junior Master
142 Linda G Jones Sewickley PA Junior Master
185 David
Maletta Riddlesburg PA Junior Master
107 John V Miller Akron OH Junior Master
116 Willard M Pottle Jr Buffalo NY Junior Master
142 Angelo
Brunetti McMurray PA Club Master
107 Theresa L Frosell Hudson OH Club Master
107 Thomas J Jackson Akron OH Club Master
107 Karen L Johnson Hinckley OH Club Master
229 Ronald M Ladick Aliquippa PA Club Master
142 Esther
Burstin Carnegie PA Sectional Master
116 Joan M Ciszak Alden NY Sectional Master
125 Ten-Huei
Guo Lagrange OH Sectional Master
142 Nancy J Kosmala Bradfordwoods PA Sectional Master
229 Rosemary
Shirley Zelienople PA Sectional Master
142 Jane E Slagter Bradfordwoods PA Sectional Master
125 Douglas K Hardman Rocky River OH Regional Master
142 Judith
Pierce Indiana PA Regional Master
125 Jo-Ann D Fekete N Ridgeville OH NABC Master
125 Marilyn
Garfunkel Chagrin Falls OH NABC Master
185 Summer H Rifkah Hollidaysburg PA NABC Master
127 Mary
Tseng Erie PA NABC Master
185 Clyde Bruce
Baldwin Hollidaysburg PA Life Master
142 Linda
Fried Pittsburgh PA Life Master
116 N
Wolstoncroft Buffalo NY Life Master
185 Clyde Bruce
Baldwin Hollidaysburg PA Bronze Life Master
116 N
Wolstoncroft Buffalo NY Bronze Life Master
142 Angela M Agnello Indiana PA Ruby Life Master
142 Esther A Sain Indiana PA Ruby Life Master
107 Judith A Shapiro Akron OH Ruby Life Master
142 Craig R Biddle Pittsburgh PA Gold Life Master
142 Leroy W Hackenberg II Pittsburgh PA Gold Life Master
125 Sue Lan
Ma Kirtland Hills OH Sapphire Life Master
116 John H Ziemer Youngstown NY Sapphire Life Master
125 Susan S Stark Pepper Pike OH Diamond Life Master


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