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Top 100 District 5 Career MPs as of August 2016


New!  Sharon Fairchild has been collecting the stories of our advancing players.  Check it out!


Rank Changes for August 2016:


Unit Player Home New Rank
107 Richard Klosterman Hudson, OH Junior Master
111 Ann Habel Kinsman, OH Junior Master
116 Dennis Clary Amherst, NY Junior Master
125 Gary Eilrich Lynnhurst, OH Junior Master
125 Richard Masters Westlake, OH Junior Master
125 Harsha Nanavati Westlake, OH Junior Master
125 Shailesh Nanavati Westlake, OH Junior Master
226 James Turnbull Meadville, PA Junior Master
107 Jean Klinkenberg Medina, OH Club Master
116 Marcie Frankel Williamsville, NY Club Master
116 Audrey Ray Kenmore, NY Club Master
116 Margaret Zhou Getzville, NY Club Master
125 Susan Webb Shaker Heights, OH Club Master
129 James Lanzo Wellsville, NY Club Master
129 Kathleen Yaw Jamestown, NY Club Master
142 Nancy Kosmala Bradfordwoods, PA Club Master
142 Jane Slagter Bradfordwoods, PA Club Master
185 Justin Marinak Lilly, PA Club Master
142 Sheila Brotherton Oakmont, PA Sectional Master
142 Linda Wozman Pittsburgh, PA Sectional Master
226 Carol Rich Hermitage, PA Sectional Master
116 Amita Arora Buffalo, NY Regional Master
142 Alice Coulter Oakmont, PA Regional Master
142 Bernice Weisberger Pittsburgh, PA Regional Master
142 Donald Wyke Coraopolis, PA Regional Master
177 Andrew Swaim Berkeley Spgs, WV Regional Master
229 Jean Purvis Butler, PA Regional Master
116 Rajat Basu East Amherst, NY NABC Master
142 Robert Flynn Mc Donald, PA NABC Master
142 Sandra Metosky Pittsburgh, PA NABC Master
142 Mahendra Patel Pittsburgh, PA NABC Master
142 Karl Sokalski Pittsburgh, PA NABC Master
213 Robin Whitacre Canton, OH NABC Master
142 Dustin Hoover Pittsburgh, PA Adv NABC Master
116 John Welte Buffalo, NY Life Master
116 Martha Welte Buffalo, NY Life Master
142 Philip Goulding Wexford, PA Life Master
142 Carol Henderson Pittsburgh, PA Life Master
142 Margaret Overholt Ligonier, PA Life Master
116 Jan Hasselback Williamsville, NY Bronze Life Master
142 Margaret Overholt Ligonier, PA Bronze Life Master
116 Ruth Kozower Getzville, NY Silver Life Master
125 Nancy Fingerhut Cleveland, OH Silver Life Master
142 Dennis Gibboney Latrobe, PA Silver Life Master
142 Philip Goulding Wexford, PA Silver Life Master
107 Barbara Schidlowski Kent, OH Ruby Life Master
116 Mark Pascale Getzville, NY Gold Life Master
142 Patricia Cunkelman Blairsville, PA Sapphire Life Master
142 Robert Park Gibsonia, PA Diamond Life Master


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